Water Restriction Notice – September 16 – 19, 2019

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Mandatory Water Restrictions

September 16 – 19, 2019

In support of the repairs to the ACE Regional Water transmission line, the Town of Vermilion is obliged to observe operational requirements to ensure the proper functioning of the domestic water supply.

Therefore a mandatory water reduction is in place for residential and commercial users for all non-essential water usages as detailed below:

Permitted Uses:

  • Consumption,
  • Personal hygiene, and
  • Household cleanliness

Restricted Uses:

  • Watering grass,
  • Filling pools or hot tubs,
  • Washing cars/houses/driveways
  • Spray Park
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Sewer line flushing
  • Street cleaning
  • Fire training involving use of water or hydrants
  • Fleet washing
  • Truck fills and third party water sales are restricted to human consumption only

There is another transmission line shutdown scheduled for September 23 – 26, 2019.

If you have any concerns, please call the Transportation & Utilities Department at 780-581-2415.

Thank you for your support and patience.