Public Information Open House

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Invitation for Public Input
– Land Use Bylaw Review –
– North Brennan Area Structure Plan –
Council for the Town of Vermilion has initiated a review of the Land Use Bylaw.  The Land-Use Bylaw (LUB) is a document which regulates and controls the use and development of land and buildings within the municipality.  The Land Use Bylaw was reviewed and revised by the Council appointed Committee to better accommodate the specific needs of the community. 
Along with the revisions of the existing LUB the Town of Vermilion has drafted a proposed Area Structure Plan for the Brennan North Subdivision.  The Area Structure Plan is intended to ensure consistency between all Town planning documents and specifically, a large subdivision with mixed density of residential development.
This is your opportunity to discuss the proposed Town of Vermilion Land Use Bylaw and the North Brennan Area Structure Plan with the committees’ as established by Council for the project reviews. 

Public Information Open House
Town Hall – December 3, 2013
 2:00 to 6:00 pm
For further information please contact:
Allan Wilson
Town of Vermilion
5021 – 49th Ave
Vermilion, AB  T9X 1X1
Phone:  780-853-5358

 Attachments for Review
Brennan North Area Structure Plan MAP
Brennan North Area Structure Plan-Preliminary DRAFT-2013-11-15
Land Use Bylaw 11-2013 DRAFT 
Land Use Bylaw Map 11-2013 DRAFT