Pre-Sale – Highway Commercial Subdivision

Date: September 4th, 2013 | Categories: News | By: | Comments: 0

Located at the intersection of Highway 16 and Highway 41 in east central Alberta, the Town of Vermilion is currently pre-selling Highway Commercial properties.  Presently, in the engineering and design phase, the proposed layout features varying sizes of lots adjacent to Hwy 41 and close to Hwy 16.  The commercial development will progress in two Phases.  Phase 1 will be subdivided and developed immediately followed by Phase 2 according to demand. Additional details on pricing and features of the lots, construction timelines and conditions of purchase are attached below. 

2013 Sept 03 Highway Lot Sheet (FINAL)_Page_1 (web)2013 Sept 03 Highway Lot Sheet (FINAL)_Page_2

CLICK HERE for details on the Highway Commercial Subdivision.

Interested in purchasing? 

Mary Lee Prior
Community Economic Development Coordinator
Town of Vermilion
Phone: 780-581-2419