Utility Rates

Utilities are invoiced on the 10th of every month beginning in January.

Utilities Hook-up and Disconnection

A onetime non-refundable fee of $45.00 is charged for utility hook-up. If you are moving, remember to notify the town to request an actual reading of your water meter; this will be used to calculate your final bill and provide them with your forwarding address.

Payment Due Dates
Invoices are due when rendered. A penalty of 2.5% is charged on any outstanding amounts the day following the 2nd of the subsequent month. Service may be disconnected if a bill is not paid within 35 days of the invoice date. A $45.00 fee will be levied to reconnect the service, multiple disconnections may result in increased reconnection fees.

Paying Your Municipal Utility Bill
You may pay your bill in person at the Town Office, 8:30AM-4:30PM, Monday-Friday. You also have several other payment options:

• Townhall 8:30am-4:30pm (We are also open during the lunch hour)
• Night deposit box located at the Town Office entrance (24hrs)
• ATM/Telephone Banking
• On-line Banking

Proposed 2019 Utility Rates

(per month)
plus $3.38 per cubic meter used
plus $1.45 per cubic meter used


2019 Commercial
plus $3.38 per cubic meter used
Sewer~ $9.31
plus $1.45 per cubic meter used
Garbage~$20.02 per pickup and scheduled as per customer request
 Recycling~ $18.75 – 4 yard bin – per month