Utility Services

Utility Services

The Town of Vermilion provides water, sewer, recycling and garbage services to the residents and businesses of the Town.

If you move to the Town or to a new address within the Town you will need to sign up for these services.

You can contact the Town Office or the utilities department directly at 780-581-2412 or utilities@vermilion.ca to sign up. You can also contact the Town through our online eServices.

A onetime non-refundable fee of $45.00 is charged for a new utility hook-up.
Utility bills are normally issued by mail on the 10th of every month. There is also an option to have your utility bill e-mailed to you. To change your billing preference please contact utilities@vermilion.ca

Should you encounter high water consumption or sewer problems please contact the utilities department. In an emergency please call the Water on Call at 780-853-0936.

Garbage is picked up weekly:
West of 50th street and South of Railway Tracks is every Wednesday
East of 50th street and North of Railway Tracks is every Thursday

Blue Bag Recycling is Bi-Weekly:
West of 50th street and South of Railway Tracks is every second Wednesday
East of 50th street and North of Railway Tracks is every second Thursday

Please consult the Collection Schedule and Recycling Guide available on our website under Waste Matters for more details.

2019 Utility Rates

Residential (per month)
Water~$34.93 plus $3.38 per cubic meter used
Sewer~$9.31 plus $1.45 per cubic meter used

2019 Commercial

Water~$42.53 plus $3.38 per cubic meter used
Sewer~ $9.31 plus $1.45 per cubic meter used
Garbage~$20.02 per pickup and scheduled as per customer request
Recycling~ $18.75 – 4 yard bin – per month

Paying Your Utility Bill

Utilities bills are due upon receipt, however to avoid a late payment penalty, payment must be made by the 2nd business day of the subsequent month. After this day a 2.5% penalty is charged on the outstanding balance.

There a several convenient options to pay your bill:
• Online banking
• Telephone Banking
• Monthly pre-authorized debit (see below)
• Email transfers to utilities@vermilion.ca
• In person at Town Hall:
   * Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM .
   * The Town accepts cash, cheque, or debit.
• There is also an after-hours drop off box located by the main door of Town Hall.
• E-transfers are also available for commercial accounts.

If a utility bill is not paid within 35 days from the date on the bill a service may be subject to disconnection. If disconnected, an additional $45.00 fee will be levied to reconnect the service. Multiple disconnections may result in increased reconnection fees.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Many residents and businesses find it beneficial to pay their utility bills monthly through the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.

The benefits include:
• Enhanced convenience as monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the last banking day of each month.
• Reduced risk of incurring late payment penalties.

To discuss enrollment into the pre-authorized payment plan for Utilities, please contact Deanna Bykewich at 780-581-2412 or by email utilities@vermilion.ca.

Note: If you are enrolled in the Pre-authorized Payment Plan and are considering changing bank accounts, please ensure that you inform the Utilities Department by the 15th of the month so that the change can take effect before the next withdrawal date. Failure to notify the Town may result in additional withdrawals and/or fees being charged.

Cancellation of Your Utility Service

If you are planning on moving, you are required to cancel your utility service. Once the date of your move is known, please contact the utilities department by phone (780) 581-2412 or by email at utilities@vermilion.ca so that a final meter reading can be taken and a final utility invoice can be prepared. The Town will require a forwarding address at the time a cancellation notice is provided.

As the customer you are responsible for all usage and charges up until the cancellation date. If no cancellation notice is provided your account may be subject to additional charges.