Property Assessment and Taxation

Property Assessment
Property assessment is a reflection of the estimated market value of a property. Your property assessment is the basis for the taxes you pay. Assessments are established by the Government of Alberta through legislation identified in the Municipal Government Act.
Alberta’s assessment process is designed to provide property owners with fair assessments of their properties. Factors that may influence market value include the age of the building, lot size, location and building size, etc.

To gain a better understanding of how properties are assessed please refer to Alberta Municipal Affairs Guide to Property Assessment & Taxation in Alberta.

Assessment Notices
The Town mails out combined assessment & tax notice out in May each year. The assessment portion provides property owners with the assessed value of their property and the tax portion of the notice breaks out the municipal, provincial education and any other taxes that may be levied.

To view your combined assessment and tax notices for the last five years using the Town of Vermilion’s eService portal click here.

Property Taxes
Property Taxes for the Town of Vermilion are due by July 15th. Tax payments may be made by cash, cheque, debit and e-transfer. A penalty of 12% is applied to current year’s property taxes on July 16th except those property owners that have signed up for the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan. Further penalties of 8% and 4% are applied to all balances that remain outstanding on January 1st and March 1st, respectively.

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan
Many property owners find it beneficial to pay their taxes through the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan.

The benefits include:

  • Enhanced convenience as monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the last banking day of each month.
  • The taxes that are left owing after July 15th will not be subject to penalty provided that your account remains in good standing.
  • There is no need to enroll annually, you remain on the plan until you give notice of cancellation.

The monthly withdrawals begin in January so property owners are encouraged to enroll into the plan before December 15th.  The Town will accept enrollment into the plan up to April 15th of the following year provided that a pro-rated portion of the taxes are paid in advance.  Forms are available at the Town office.

To discuss enrollment into the pre-authorized tax payment plan, please contact
Lisa Han at 780-581-2424 or by email

Selling Property/Changing Bank Information
If you are enrolled in the Tax Auto Pay Program and are considering selling your property or changing bank accounts, please ensure that you inform the Tax Department by the 15th of the month so that the change can take effect before the next withdrawal date.  Failure to notify the Town may result in additional withdrawals and/or NSF fees being charged.