Vermilion Regional Centre

The Vermilion Regional Centre is a multi-use facility that provides many services for our residents and their special occasions. Your event is very important to us, which is why we offer you the very best in banquet facilities. The Vermilion Regional Centre is 29,000 square feet, so we are definitely able to accommodate you and your guests for your particular occasion.  The main hall capacity is 556  people at round tables and the adjacent multipurpose rooms offer a smaller space up to 100 people.

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Regional Centre 

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5702 College Drive
(Located north of Lakeland College Alumni Hall)

For Bookings
more information
or a facility tour please call:

Facility Coordinator
T: 780-581-2413

Our kitchen is equipped with state of the art appliances, a large food cooler and some of the kitchen supplies you will need. A buffet serving area is attached to the south doors of the kitchen for serving less than 300 guests.

IMG_1697 VRC Kitchen Steam Oven etc - Copy

IMG_2043 VRC Kitchen Dishwasher area - Copy

IMG_6077 VRC Kitchen prep area - Copy

IMG_7277 VRC Kitchen ovens

IMG_8792 VRC Kitchen Coffee Urns counter

What do you need us for?

  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Fundraising Events
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Planning Sessions
  • Funerals

Included in Hall Rentals:
• Round tables (80) – 5 ft. in diameter, table cloths are not included
• Padded dark green patterned chairs (over 580) provided.
• Rectangular and square tables are available (18 @ 8 ft., 4 @ 6 ft., 1 @ 5 ft., 3 @ 3 ft.)
• Dinner plates (over 550)
• Cutlery (over 500)
• 2 projectors in hall ceiling (must bring your own lap top computer, not a Mac unless you have a VGA adapter)
• 2 wall screens either side of stage
• Kitchen and bar coolers and inventory items
• A podium, cordless microphones, microphone stands (3)
• Risers (8 that are 1’ H x 8’ L x 4” W), option for 3 at a 16″H
• 1 child’s high chair
• Use of sound system and stage area
• Front foyer furniture (1 black leather couch, 1 black leather loveseat and armchair, 2 red stripe armchairs)

Bar Room:
There is a sink, counter space, and a walk-in cooler with glass doors for serving. Some wine bottle openers and jiggers are available.

Meeting Rooms:

There are three rooms available for rent:

Club Meeting Room, Main Dance Room, and Secondary Dance Room.
Youth and adult hourly rates as well as day rates are available.

There are wall screens in each of the rooms.  A portable projector and portable screen are also available for rent.

Wireless internet is available in all rooms.

PRICES as of January 2, 2020:

  • Full Hall Weekend Non-profit: $762 +GST (includes Bar, Kitchen)
  • Full Hall Weekend Events: $1106.00 +GST (includes Bar, Kitchen)
  • Weekday Full Hall: $443.00 +GST (Bar included, add Kitchen for $129.00+ GST)
  • Weekday 1/3 Hall: $257.50 +GST (Bar included, add Kitchen for $129.00 + GST)
  • Funeral Full Hall: $443.00 + GST (includes Club Meeting Room), add Kitchen $129.00 + GST
  • For weekend bookings, complete a Friday morning facility tour and obtain keys, and you have hall until 4:00 p.m. Sunday.
  • Extended hours during weekend bookings are available at the current hourly rates.
  • The 1/3 portion of Hall A can hold up to 100 guests depending on the set-up.
  • Booking Deposit: $220.00,
  • Damage/key deposit of $420.00 to be paid before keys released for hall events
  • Extra Fees:
  • With Full Hall Weekend bookings, Club Meeting Room $98.00 + GST, recommended for banquets with 300 or more guests.
  • Wine Glasses $.50 + GST each.

KIDDIE OASIS ~ For the Kiddies

It’s really about the children, isn’t it?

The Vermilion Regional Centre is also home of Kiddie Oasis, an indoor playground created for your young children! Is it your son’s birthday? Rent the Kiddie Oasis for the time of his life!

For a minimal membership fee, your children can run and play to their heart’s content!

To purchase a membership or book a birthday party, call:

Bailey Snelgrove
PO Box 3517
Vermilion, AB   T9X 2B3
T: 780-581-8850