Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)

Together, the Town of Vermilion FCSS facilitates and cares for our local residents. FCSS is a joint municipal and provincial partnership that supports preventative social programs, facilitates the development of programs and provides funding for human services.

For funding, and to ensure your group or project fits the FCSS criteria, please contact  Carol Coleman or call 780-581-2413.

Application deadline for year-round programs for the next calendar budget year is September 15th. Other funding applications may be accepted after that time.

2021 ToV FCSS Application Form

Social Needs Assessment 2016

The FCSS program also assists seniors in accessing the benefits they are eligible for, connect them to local resources, provide educational opportunities and promote independent living in the community. We focus on meeting the specific needs and offer a range of support for our elderly, including:

~ Advocate
on behalf of our seniors
~ Establish and strengthen connections with our seniors
~ Encourage our seniors to be active in the community
~ Reach out to vulnerable seniors
~ Create opportunities for participation in the development of new life skills
~ Support and assist our seniors to live independently

For Seniors Support, contact Shirley McRobert or
call 780-581-2414

This link will provide seniors and their families and or caregivers information on the various services and what they are.  Mostly where to stare and what questions to ask.


NEW! Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

NEW! Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program
Application Form
The application form can be obtained in one of three ways:
♦ By calling the ASCC line and requesting that an application form be mailed to them.
♦ By printing it off our website 
♦ By going to their local ATB and requesting that they print off an application.

Information about the Property Tax Deferral program can be found at

Contact Information

Family & Community Support Service
(FCSS) Coordinator
Ph: 780-581-2413
Fax: 780-853-4910

FCSS Senior Coordinator
Ph: 780-581-2414

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