Committee & Advisory Boards

Committee and Board Structure – As of October 1, 2016


Economic Development Committee – Councillor McAuley & Councillor Khela

  • The Good Life Institute – Councillor Pulyk
  • Vermilion & District Chamber of Commerce – Councillor McAuley

Finance and Administration Budget Committee – Council as a Whole

Finance and Administration General Committee – Mayor MacDuff & Councillor Khela

Community Futures Lloydminster and Region Committee – Councillor McAuley

Planning and Development and School Reserves Committee – Councillor McCullough & Councillor Pulyk

Public Safety and Protection Services – Councillor Barr (Chair) & Councillor Khela

  • Disaster Services Agency

Transportation and Utilities Committee – Councillor Yaceyko & Councillor Barr

  • Airport
  • Emergency Training Centre Community Advisory Committee – Councillor Yaceyko


Physician Retention and Recruitment Committee – Mayor MacDuff & Councillor Khela

Town/County Intermunicipal Liaison Committee – Mayor MacDuff, Councillor McAuley, Councillor  Khela & Councillor Pulyk

Vermilion River Watershed Management Project Committee – Councillor Yaceyko & Director of Transportation & Utilities

Living in Place Centre Committee – Mayor MacDuff & Councillor Pulyk


Alberta Central East Water Corporation – Councillor McCullough & Councillor Pulyk

Assessment Review Board – Mayor MacDuff, Councillor Khela & Councillor McAuley

Composite Assessment Review Board – Mayor MacDuff, Councillor Khela & Councillor McAuley

East Central 911 Call Answer Society – Mayor MacDuff (Alternate Councillor McCullough)

Environment Committee – Councillors McAuley

F.C.S.S. Board – Councillor McAuley

Library Board – Councillors Yaceyko & Barr

North East Alberta Information HUB Ltd. – Mayor MacDuff  (Alternate Councillor Khela)

Northern Lights Library System – Councillor Barr (Alternate Councillor Yaceyko)

Parks, Recreation and Culture Board – Councillor Pulyk & Councillor McCullough

  • Joint School Grounds & Facilities Committee – Councillor McCullough & Councillor Pulyk
  • Communities In Bloom Committee – Councillor Pulyk
  • Joint Pool Joint Committee – Councillor McCullough, Councillor Pulyk,  Director of Community Services, and County Councillor
  • Multi-Purpose Facility– Councillor Pulyk & Councillor McCullough

Subdivision Approving Authority – Jane Dauphinee, Municipal Planning Services (2009) Ltd.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board – Councillor Khela & Councillor McAuley

Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association – Councillor McCullough

Vermilion and District Housing Foundation – Mayor MacDuff & Councillor Yaceyko

Vermilion River Regional Alliance – Councillor McAuley

Vermilion River Regional Waste Management – Councillor Barr & Councillor McAuley