Vermilion is a thriving community that has a great deal to show for all of the people who have lived here and played their part. A number of these people are buried in the Vermilion Cemeteries. If you are looking for deceased buried in Vermilion cemeteries contact Vermilion Town Hall at 780-853-5358 or visit the Vermilion Public Library 5001 – 49 Ave to browse through the Vermilion History Books.Services provided locally in Vermilion include complete earth burial or cremation services, pre-arranged funeral plans, monuments and markers. For information on businesses providing 24 hours funeral assistance, please visit our Business Directory.

Town Council developed a Vermilion Cemetery Memorial Fund. This fund is only to be used for perpetual care of the cemeteries. Tax deductible donations are received by the Town and placed into an interest bearing reserve. The interest from the account is then used to help defray the cost of maintaining the cemeteries. It is anticipated that if the reserve becomes enough, then when the cemeteries are full, the interest from the reserve will pay for their yearly maintenance. Please see Cemetery Brochure for more details.

Vermilion Public Library genealogy interest group meets from September through to May on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the library 5001-49 Ave. No matter where you are in your genealogy journey, this group is for you. Let our knowledgeable and keen leader, help you fine-tune your search and discover information and sources you didn’t know existed. Share your own successes and failures, and enjoy the company of others with the same interest!