Vermilion Municipal Enforcement is committed to serving and improving our community, through the use of the community-based policing model. The Town of Vermilion employs a sworn Community Peace Officer, appointed by the Alberta Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security as authorized under the Peace Officer Act.  For more information on the Town of Vermilion’s Municipal Enforcement Services click on the link to the right under “Contact”.

By-Laws FAQs

Why do we have bylaws?
Bylaws have been in existence since the mid 1800’s. Previously, neighbors would solve their disagreements in very barbaric ways. The creation of bylaws and their enforcement was established to allow neighbors to live in harmony with each other.Bylaws help ensure personal safety and educate and guide people about how to comply with the rules of living in Vermilion.  Following these rules contributes to making Vermilion a safe and beautiful town to live in or visit.

Bylaws – Frequently Asked Questions?

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