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Recycling, Composting, and Waste Management

 Vermilion is changing how we think about and manage waste. 
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Residential Waste Management Guide

Recycling (Blue Bag) Program

Set out recyclables on Wednesday and Thursday
of every second week. Only blue bags will be collected. Rinse food residue from plastic and tin. Food-soiled materials contaminate other items, so if in doubt, throw it out. Place shredded paper in bag separate from other materials.On collection day, set out your blue bag one metre from other objects.  Do not place blue bags on snowbanks or icy surfaces.

Printable Recycling Guide

Pick-Up Schedule and Bin Locations

2017 Blue Bag Pickup Schedule



Plastics 1 – 7 – Bleach, soap and fabric softener containers, pill bottles, plastic tubs
Paper – Paper, newspaper and flyers, magazines, books, milk cartons, tetra-packs, cardboard egg cartons, flattened cardboard
Metal – Aluminum foil and containers, tin cans and lids. This program does not currently accept glass, black plastic, bottle lids, plastic film or bags. Bottles can be returned for deposit at the Vermilion Bottle Depot.

Bottle Depot

Many refundable beverage containers can be returned for deposit.

Vermilion Bottle Depot
4602 48A Avenue
Open Monday – Saturday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Printable Recycling Guide

Milk jugs and cartons, pop and beer cans, plastic water, pop and juice containers

Grass and Yard Waste

This program operates from May to October, with dumpsters placed throughout town to dispose of grass and garden waste. They are emptied weekly for composting.

Pick-Up Schedule and Bin Locations


Garden waste, grass clippings and leaves, loose or in paper yard waste bags
NO tree branches, stumps or plastic bags.


Set out bagged waste material in your rolling bin by 8:00 am on collection day.

Pick-Up Schedule and Bin Locations

Household waste – including all glass, air fresheners, anti-static sheets, bakeware, band-aids, black plastic, bricks, bubble wrap, cellophane, ceramics, cereal box liners, clay containers, cigarettes, clean or soiled wipes, cloth and clothes, corks, diapers, dry cleaner bags, incandescent light bulbs, knives, laminated paper, leather, mirrors, nails, nuts and bolts, plastic grocery bags, plastic cups, ribbon, rope, rubber bands, scissors, styrofoam, toothbrushes, twine, wet waste, ziplock bags

Transfer Station

The Vermilion Transfer Site is located 1.5 km north of Vermilon on Pare Drive.

Open Monday – Saturday
9:00 am – 4:45 pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays.
Phone: 780-583-4572

Oversized items – including furniture, mattresses and box springs
Freon appliances – including fridges and freezers
E-waste – including computers and televisions
Industrial and construction materials – including building materials, concrete and rocks, rolled wire and metal, used oil and filters, clean pesticide jugs
Hazardous waste – including aerosol and paint cans, batteries and propane bottles
Yard waste – including grass clippings and leaves, branches and tree stumps

Alberta Health Facility

These two pharmacies accept medical waste.
Long’s Value Drug Mart 4939 50 Ave
Shopper’s Drug Mart 5009 50 Ave
Needles and sharps, outdated or unwanted medication

Town Yard

Town Yard 
3905-52 Ave
Concrete and asphalt


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Green Team Appearances

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Contact Information


Derek Young
Director, Transportation & Utilities
Ph:  780-581-2421
Fax:  780-853-4910

Erin Miller
Administrative Assistant
Ph: 780-581-2415

Facility Contact Information

Vermilion Transfer Station
Ph: 780-853-4572