Tax Assessment

Property Taxes

The Town of Vermilion, AB mails out tax notices to property owners in May of each year. Taxes are due and payable on the mailing date. If after July 15th the current tax levy remains unpaid, a penalty of 12% is applied.

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan

Many property owners find it convenient to pay their taxes through the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan. Through this affordable plan, equal monthly payments are withdrawn from your bank account on the last banking day of each month.

The benefits include:

•No interest or discount is processed to you for payments made in the period prior to July 15th

•No penalty is levied against the balances from July 15 to December 31

Once you join the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan, you remain on the plan until you give notice of cancellation. To arrange pre-authorized tax payment, contact Shaung Han at 780-581-2424.