Community Volunteers

Date: April 3rd, 2018 | Categories: News | By: | Comments: 0

Written by Carol Coleman, Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) Coordinator
Town of Vermilion

Why Volunteer?

Life is about relationships.  Volunteering provides opportunity for building relationsh8ps or what some call as “social capital”.  It provides many services and programs our community would not have otherwise. So often our volunteer experiences guide us to a career or a job position we would have overlooked.  Employers often ask for what your volunteer experiences have been.  When you help others doesn’t that make you feel good deep inside?

How do I find a volunteer job in Vermilion?

  • Check the “Living” tab on to find the Clubs and Organizations Directory to contact a group you are interested in.
  • Talk with another community member about the events and projects upcoming that may require more volunteers.
  • Make a list of your interests and what skills you can bring to a project. Think about where you would like to make a difference or see a change and get connected with others.

What kinds of volunteer jobs are there?

  • Ask yourself what type of volunteer experience are you looking for? A one-time event, short term experience or a leadership position on a Board or Executive to build your resume skills?
  • Do you want to assist with a sport group or a human services related community project in a specific topic area?
  • If you need assistance and want to talk with someone, call the FCSS Coordinator at the Town of Vermilion office, 780.581.2413 or email to

I don’t have a lot of time to volunteer.  

  • Most people have busy lives. There are many small ways you can make a difference such as snow shovelling for a neighbor.   Review your schedule carefully, choose priorities, and start small with only a few hours a month perhaps.  You are needed somewhere. Often it is the busiest people who get organized and get amazing things accomplished.  Volunteers are a dynamic community asset, affecting the atmosphere in our community in a positive way which attracts others to choose to move here which generates more business, more community programs etc.  Why not become a part of growing our community today!