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July 10, 2020

The blue bag recycling service started again on July 8, 2020 with a restricted list of acceptable material.

For those residents that placed clean plastic containers with the recycling symbol 1 and 2 in the blue bags, those bags will be picked up on the next recycling day. The driver was not informed the plastic is now accepted and will pick it up next time.

Acceptable Recyclable Material:

  • Clean Cardboard
  • Clean Newspaper
  • Clean White Office Paper Only
  • Clean Shredded White Paper (shredded paper must be placed in a separate bag and tied before placing in a blue bag)
  • Clean Tin Cans (cans must be rinsed)
  • Clean Plastic Containers #1 and #2 Only. (containers must be rinsed and caps/lids discarded)

Unacceptable Material:
Aerosol cans, air filters, air fresheners, anti-static sheets, bakeware, band-aids, batteries, black plastic, branches, bricks, bubble wrap, cat litter, cellophane, ceramics, cereal box liners, clayware, cigarettes, coloured paper, cleaning or soiled wipes, cloth & clothes, corks, diapers, dry cleaner bags, egg cartons (plastic or Styrofoam), foam, food waste, fuel containers, garbage, grass, glass, kleenex, knives, laminated paper, leather, light bulbs, mirrors, nails, needles, nuts & bolts, paint cans, paper towel, plastic bags, plastic caps, plastics 3-7, ribbon, rope, rubber bands, scissors, styrofoam, tissues, toilet paper, toothbrushes, twine, waxed cardboard (greenish), zip-lock bags, and any hazardous materials.