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Community Builder

 We Believe

  • Rural Communities are relevant in the 21st Century
  • Community Leadership capacity is the key to building a thriving Community in the 21st Century
  • And in turn, Informal Leaders are the key to Community Leadership Capacity
  • Community Leadership Capacity is leadership excellence by both formal and informal leaders in all sectors, stakeholder groups and at all levels

The Challenge

  • The institutions and strategies to develop informal leaders are no longer relevant or are ineffective
  • As times have changed, so too have the leadership competencies to successfully lead others today
  • The development of leadership capacity is challenging because of limited time, energy and resources of both the Community and Community members

The Solution

  • We believe that people closest to the problem can find appropriate, sustainable solutions to the problem
  • We believe that making an all commitment to increasing Community Leadership Capacity is needed today
  • The Changing Point has set out to proactively and holistically increase the leadership capacity of the Rural Alberta, in all sectors, stakeholder groups and at all levels
  • The effort is led by renowned Community Builder and Social Innovator Ian Hill, he has created this first of its kind leadership development program that will equip participants with the leadership competencies and leadership tools the times require
  • The Changing Point and Ian Hill have launched, Becoming a Community Builder,  a 15 week competency based leadership development program with 2 distinct tracks that will run simultaneously:
  1. Community Members
  2. High School student
  • Becoming a Community Builder utilizes an innovative and proprietary learning model (developed by Mr. Hill) that is based on “21 days to establish a habit, and a blended learning approach 
    • The 15 week program will include
      • 5 Live workshops via live video streaming (one every three weeks)
      • 5 Live video chat support coaching sessions (between the learning sessions)
      • Weekly reinforcement and motivational emails
      • A Learning Portal containing on-demand video archives of all sessions, all materials and support forum for the dynamic exchange of information
      • The Learning Portal will become a Community asset, available for use after the initial 15 week program
    • Pre and Post Community evaluation to determine impact

Progress to date

  • In 2012-2013 the BACB program has been successfully beta tested in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo with over 950 participants
  • In Fall of 2013 a demonstration project was launched to validate the findings in RMWB
  • 9 Lighthouse Regions, representing 56 communities, were selected to participant in the demonstration effort
  • Over 800 Community members are participating 


  • Our community has been selected to participate
  • Our Desired Outcomes:
    • To strengthen community pride and create positive change.
    • To provide an opportunity for positive self growth and leadership skills in youth.
    • To build leadership capacity by linking local businesses and organizations together. 

Vermilion Contact:  ph 780.581.2413