“Vermilion & Area Physician & Recruitment Committee Hard at Work”

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“Vermilion & Area Physician & Recruitment Committee Hard at Work”

The past year has been a busy one for the Vermilion & Area Physician & Recruitment Committee. The committee has been active not only in the community but working provincially, nationally and internationally to recruit new doctors to Vermilion. Chair Bruce Marriott, states “We have expanded our search scope to utilize private recruiters in addition to the service already supplied by Alberta Health Services”. To assist with costs associated with recruiting, the committee requested $3 per capita from each partnering municipality. The Town of Vermilion, County of Vermilion River, Village of Dewberry and County of Minburn have agreed to the request.

Alberta Central East (A.C.E.) Regional Water System

Coming Soon – May 2013

Take the Plunge!

The Town of Vermilion has launched a NEW Toilet Replacement Program, which gives Vermilion residents an opportunity to receive a rebate when replacing an old high volume toilet with a new water saving toilet.
New low flush toilets can save you money!

Vermilion River Watershed Project Presentation

January/February 2012